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    Welcome to the official website of Jiangsu Hengyilong Power Technology Co., Ltd.
    Green Energy Service Providers

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    Pictures and drawings

    Mechanical parameters
    Cell: Polycrystalline (156mmX156mm)
    Number of cells: 36 (4X9)
    Component size: 1480x680mmx40mm
    Component weight 13.5Kg
    Glass: 3.2 mm high transmittance tempered glass
    Border: Anodized aluminum alloy frame
    Junction box: IP67 rated
    Connector: MC4 compatible connector
    Lead wire length: 90 (mm)
    Anti-stress: 2400 Pa wind pressure and 5400 Pa snow pressure

    Electrical performance parameter
    STC 140W 145W 150W 155W 160W 165W
    Operating voltage at maximum power point (Vmp) 18.41 18.50 18.65 18.76 18.88 18.90
    Operating current at maximum power point (Imp) 7.61 7.84 8.04 8.26 8.48 8.73
    Open circuit voltage (Voc) 22.32 22.53 22.64 22.70 22.81 22.96
    Short circuit current (Isc) 8.18 8.38 8.49 8.56 8.62 8.78
    Component efficiency (%) 13.91 14.41 14.90 15.40 15.90 16
    Working temperature -40°C to +85°C
    Maximum system voltage 1000V DC
    Maximum fuse rated current 20A
    Power tolerance 0/+3W
    STC* (standard test conditions): irradiance 1000w/m2, panel temperature 25°C, spectrum: AM1.5

    Temperature performance parameter
    Cell normal operating temperature (NOCT): 45±2°C
    Maximum power temperature coefficient :-0.48%/°C
    Open circuit voltage temperature coefficient: -0.34% / °C
    Short circuit current temperature coefficient: 0.037% / °C

    Quality assurance
    25-year power output guarantee, 95% power output in 5 years
    90% power output in 12 years, 85% power output in 18 years
    25 years 80% power output, 10 years material and process guarantee
    1 year Qiubo Insurance

    Company and product certification

    Packing situation
    624 PCS/20GP   1248PCS/40GP  1248PCS/40HC

    145W polycrystalline IV curve


    • Jiangsu Hengyilong Power Technology Co., Ltd.
    • Phone: +86-519-86858686
    • MR MA: +86-18018209282
    • Website: www.lcmljj.com
    • E-mail: sales@hyl-solarpower.com
    • Address: No.88 Xinshan road, Xinkang village, Xueyan town, Wujin district, Changzhou city
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