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    Welcome to the official website of Jiangsu Hengyilong Power Technology Co., Ltd.
    Green Energy Service Providers

    Provide one-stop service for customers

    Consultation Hotline:



    1. Installation consultation
    Product introduction, process explanation, investment budget analysis.

    2. Down payment
    Prepay the deposit and provide installation related information.

    3. Site survey
    Professional technicians come to the door to accurately survey the installation conditions such as roof area and shadow.

    4. Sign the agreement
    Sign a preliminary cooperation agreement, and the final contract amount will be refunded based on the actual installation capacity.

    5. Project Design
    Provide economic, technical analysis and tailored professional construction solutions based on survey data.

    6. Construction
    After obtaining the access plan, carry out standard construction and then apply for acceptance to the power supply department.

    7. On-grid declaration
    Submit PV power generation to the power supply department and prepare construction materials.

    8. Adjust the experiment to receive
    The power supply department installs a two-way electric meter, signs a power purchase contract, and connects the network to the test.

    9. After-sales maintenance
    The after-sales department regularly visits and tracks and checks the use of the power generation system for a long time.

    • Jiangsu Hengyilong Power Technology Co., Ltd.
    • Phone: +86-519-86858686
    • MR MA: +86-18018209282
    • Website: www.lcmljj.com
    • E-mail: sales@hyl-solarpower.com
    • Address: No.88 Xinshan road, Xinkang village, Xueyan town, Wujin district, Changzhou city
    Copy right ? 2018 Jiangsu Hengyilong Power Technology Co., Ltd.